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JBK Advising Clients to Focus on People First Strategy - JBK International

March 11, 2020by John Globokar0

With all the conflicting information being circulated throughout traditional/social media regarding COVID-19, employees are looking to senior leadership for guidance on workplace protocols. We are advising CEOs and clients to focus on protecting their greatest asset – their people.

People First

Business leaders can combat the effects of coronavirus and prevent worsening problems by simply putting people first. Rely on the company culture. Make sure your employees feel heard, give them flexibility, and encourage cleanliness. Beyond preparing for coronavirus, these precautions have the added benefit of improving your company culture.

While the global conversation might be different, and the economic effects of the virus are yet to be fully realized, the conversation in your business should be one of preparedness and not one of panic.

Encourage Working Remotely Where Possible

Expect a period of adjustment. Encourage managers to have regular meetings with staff to understand their remote working needs and resolve any issues. Create a safe and effective foundation for remote digital access. Provide access to productivity, business applications, and communications/collaboration tools

Casino Operator Safeguards

Management teams are increasing the availability of hand sanitizer for staff, reminding employees of handwashing protocols, increase efforts to sanitize surfaces that many people touch, and encourage workers to stay home if they don’t feel well. Strictly following the CDC’s guidelines involving flu season vigilance and reinforcing proactive cleaning and sanitation procedures.

As the CDC guidance notes, all employers should be ready to implement strategies to protect their workforce while ensuring continuity of operations. The CDC’s guidance also states that working from home may be an important part of a business continuity plan, whether due to employee illness, school closures, or other developments.

Essential Business Travel

While travel is being canceled all around the world, many businesses don’t have the luxury of shutting down. While traveling, especially in compact spaces like planes, trains, or subways, avoid touching shared surfaces. Quickly disinfect locations you will handle, like a tray table or handle, and use your sleeve to open doors.

Keep It Clean

You think this would be common sense, but it is worth repeating: wash your hands!

Limit food sharing. Communal snacks should be limited to pre-packaged goods, and try stocking up on cleaning supplies for individual desks. Encourage your employees to disinfect their desk phone and cell phone.


JBK International is a high-end retained search firm focused on delivering best-practices for high-performance leadership in the global gaming market

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John Globokar

John Globokar is the founder, president and CEO of JBK International.

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