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Why Is CPaaS Technology so Important for iGaming Providers to Make a Head Start in the Market? - JBK International

November 7, 2019by John Globokar0

November 7, 2019 Technology is making it considerably easier for providers to reach out to their customers. CPaaS is a cloud communications platform that can help iGaming providers to deliver real-time gaming capabilities to their customers. The advantage of CPaaS solutions is that it does not require physical circuits/lines of traditional telecom services. Therefore, iGaming providers can save themselves from huge capital expenditures required for deploying communications hardware to customer premises. Such real-time communication possibilities can be conveniently delivered by providers from any marketplace/API store, which are easily accessible to customers. This is the reason why we see providers leveraging CPaaS technology with their existing offerings and creating future-rich iGaming solutions for their customers.

As most forward-thinking providers are capitalizing on CPaaS solutions to provide an enriching experience to their customers, other service providers are surely getting wake-up calls to follow suit. The entire market is increasing focus on enhancing the user experience, and, no doubt, the customers are smiling, to say the least!

CPaaS is also helping providers to reach out to a special category of customers. For some people, voice call communications may not be a feasible option. For others, an audible channel is the only mode to communicate. This is where CPaaS can help iGaming providers. The providers can now use the CPaaS platform and reach the special needs community with the help of voice messaging and SMS services.

Questions the iGaming Providers Must Answer to Satisfy Their Customers
CPaaS is due to become an exciting market segment in the near future. Now that customers are aware of the enormous possibilities of CPaaS solutions, providers may be able to provide satisfactory answers to some make-or-break questions that may come from the customers:

1. Do they require third-party support in some locations? While some CPaaS providers have expertise in certain locations, they may still need assistance from other partners to provide real-time possibilities – which may increase the cost for average customers. The provider should monitor this and provide balancing offers to counter possible customer dissatisfaction.

2. Are the CPaaS solutions compatible with every mobile operating system? The customers may have questions on how intense the updating process is associated with these solutions. Is it as simple as other software platforms? Is it equally compatible with both the iOS and Android systems? Does it include a mobile SDK (Software Development Kit) to maintain the API functionalities across all updating cycles? The providers must have satisfactory answers to all these possible queries from customers.

More and more iGaming providers are embracing CPaaS solutions to give a whole new dimension to their offerings and to penetrate the market further. Several providers have announced that they are deploying CPaaS solutions to appeal to enterprise-level customers. They are offering highly customized, low-touch, and pre-built applications to such customers who are always willing to pay a premium in lieu of these specialized services. Here comes a tremendous possibility for iGaming providers to drive new revenue streams.

John Globokar

John Globokar is the founder, president and CEO of JBK International.

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